Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Snake-Oil Salesman In My Mind...

Around 2:30am this morning I woke up and had a tough time getting back to sleep. It's not an unusual occurrence--waking up in the middle of the night, but usually I can go right back to sleep.

But not last night. Last night it took a few hours for me to drift off.

What kept me awake was a new show I'm doing. I am one of the Rainmakers at Lagoon. I get to drive a cool car (the most expensive car I've ever driven...) and put on a show several times a day. When I was hired last week, I was told that there really wasn't a script. There were props that we were to use and a general format to follow, but much of the actual "script" we were to make up ourselves.

And so, after I woke up early this morning, my mind would not shut down. All I could do was to imagine things to say. And my mind wouldn't stop. The downside was this is not a good week to lose even an hour of sleep.

But the upside was a lot of material to use to make the show longer and better and more true to the character, that of a snake-oil salesman who promises to bring the rain.

Even though I was tired when I got to the park today, I was also excited to try out some of the things that ran through my brain during those early hours this morning. The result? Today's shows were longer--closer to what the director asked us to do. And I had more confidence which translated to more fun for me, but more importantly, more fun for the paying audience.

Last night I sacrificed a couple of hours of sleep for art. So far, it's paying off.

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