Saturday, June 13, 2015

I Made The Scene Change...

After each play that I've done over the past fourteen months, I've told myself that things will start to slow down after the particular play that I'm in is over.

Somehow, it never seems to work out that way.

In fact, things have gotten busier.

Case in point, after Shrek ended, I was certain I'd have the rest of the spring and summer not being involved in shows. When my friend asked me if I'd help out with Harvey, I said I would as long as I could play the cabbie. He agreed and I was then in another play. Since the cabbie is only in the last five minutes of the production, rehearsals for me were almost non-existent, at least for the first month. Things picked up int he last few weeks, but still--not very stressful.

Then came another performing opportunity, and this one's a paid gig! I was hired by the local amusement park to do a one-man show. It's a total blast and I've blogged about it a lot since I started. Thankfully the director and stage manager of Harvey  have allowed me to come late to the play. Normally I have time to go home, grab a quick bite to eat, take a shower and show up in time to do my scene change at 7:55pm.

On Saturday things change.

Saturday at Lagoon Amusement Park is the busiest day of the week. On Saturdays we do our Rainmaker show at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm, which means I cannot get dinner or a shower if I'm to make it to the theater in time to do my one scene change at 7:55pm.

Tonight was the first Saturday night of the Harvey run and the first time I did four shows at Lagoon. After the last show I hurried and changed, dropped off my son and home and hightailed it to the theater. Once there I got changed in my costume and made my scene change with a few minutes to spare.

I've got three more Saturday nights of Harvey performances, so three more times this will be an issue. At least, this one worked out.

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