Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Shoes...My Character Shoes

 On Thursday I went to the theater for our production of Harvey and when I got to the table where I left my character shoes I noticed something. Or, in other words, I noticed nothing.

The nothing I noticed were the lack of the shoes I needed for my scene.

If you're familiar with Harvey, then you know that my character, the role of cabbie, E.J. Loftgren, is only in the show the last few minutes. Because of this, I really don't gave a designated spot in the dressing room, especially since my call time is so much later than everyone else. I don't get ready with the rest of the cast. 

When we started dress rehearsals the shoes that were picked out for me were on a table, as were all the other's character shoes. Also on the table were the names of each cast member. When I got to the theater I get dressed then walk to the table and retriev my shoes. After each show I replaced my shoes, right where I found them an hour earlier.

Until, two days ago, that is.

The reason my shoes were missing is because the costumer thought all of us actors had placed our shoes in the dressing room with the rest of our costumes. Everyone except me. So when I came in on Thursday the costumer had taken the several pairs of shoes and re-stocked them inside the theater's catacombs. Luckily for me, the man playing Harvey in our Harvey is married to the costumer. Yesterday when I went to the show, my character shoes were in the dressing room with everyone else's. 

And all was right with the world!

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