Monday, August 22, 2016

Maurie Tarbox And "Hello Dolly!"...Simply Amazing

Last week my family attended a production of Hello Dolly at our local theatre. Having been in several shows at that theatre in the past couple of years, I knew many in the cast, so watching a show where you know the performers personally adds an extra element to the whole experience. Though many gave exceptional performances, one stood out. And it just happened to be the one who played the title roll.

I first met Maurie back at least a decade ago. She was a music director for a production of A Christmas Carol, and I'll be forever thankful a decision she and the other directors made when they gave a solo to my then six-year old daughter. My daughter still remembers it, and it was a proud moment for me to watch this beautiful little girl stand and sing her solo.

Over the years I've been fortunate enough to work many times with Maurie as she expanded her repertoire, from music director to director. Once again she chose my daughter and I to help out in several shows and she always treated us and all the performers with the upmost respect.

But I'd never seen her on stage.

Until last week.

She totally nailed it!

Really, I shouldn't have expected anything different. She's a pro, be it directing or while on stage.

There was one scene where Mr. Horace Vandergelder turned to Dolly and said, "Simply Amazing." The actor, the very talented Chuck Gilmore, could have been describing Dolly, the character, or the person playing her. 

The show plays for another couple of weeks. If you'd like to know more, click: HERE for details. Of course, everyone, from the excellent director--Jan, the fantastic choreographer--Addison, to the stage managers--Derek and Daniel, the costumers, prop people, other principles, to the ensemble, all contributed to make the show wonderful. I could (and probably should...) write a blog post highlighting all involved. It was a pleasure to just sit and watch the magic onstage. Thanks everyone for making our night so much fun. And a special thanks to Maurie, for the show and everything else.

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