Sunday, August 14, 2016

New Banner And Cards...Totally Worth It!

I placed the order with Vistaprint just the other day (click: HERE and HERE for more info from Vistaprint...). It arrived on Friday--we live in amazing times. I've gone to a few conventions over the past few years and I've seen many banners, business cards, bookmarks, and other items brought and set up by other authors and artists, all produced to increase their brand.

At this year's Salt City Steamfest that concluded today, I unveiled a couple of things--an author banner and business cards.

I guess I've got a brand.

On Fathers Day last June my seventeen-year old gave me a picture he drew of me (a thinner, more suave me, but me none the less...). He made me a writing James Bond-type figure. I love it! I used it as my Facebook background image and when I decided I wanted a banner, that image came to mind.

So I used it.

And the banner came out great!

We had a booth at Steamfest and so my banner and business cards joined other banners and cards. I was part of the team. Well, I've always been part of the team, just not the banner team.

I drove away last night after not selling a single book. That's not so unusual. I don't have a lot of books to sell--only my own short story collection. I didn't know if the banner and cards would help move my books. I hoped it would help. But a thought came to me as I drove home. I remembered back to when I was designing the banner and cards. I showed my son--the one who created my new style--the finished product. You should have seen his smile.

I saw that smile again as I unrolled the banner after it was delivered to our home. My son was so happy. He even commented on how cool it was to have something he created be shown at conventions.

The thought I had, as I drove home after packing up the banner, books, and cards was this--no matter how much success the new marketing materials bring or don't bring, just seeing the effect it had on my son meant I made a good decision ordering it. So far, they've brought in no new sales, but ordering them was totally worth it.

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