Thursday, August 18, 2016

Salt City Steamfest Fashion Show...

Last weekend I attended another convention, this one not necessarily a literary convention, but more  a cosplay convention. It's called Salt City Steamfest and I've attended each year since 2013. There's rumors that this year's local celebration of all things steampunk will be the last. Of course, they said the same thing last year, and they did it again.

On Saturday they had a steampunk fashion show so I grabbed the Nikon and took some pictures. One thing that draws people, myself included, to steampunk is the ability to take it to so many places. Those who showcased their talents steampunked Star Trek, Wonder Woman, and Hell on Wheels, among other things. Really, the only thing that restricts steampunk are people's imaginations.

I attended Friday and Saturday. On Friday I participated in a Space Balrogs "Choose Your Own Apocalypse" panel. I finished second--just like last time. If you've seen any of the Space Balrogs Apocalypse panels, you know what I'm talking about. It was still fun.

The costumes was amazing, as usual. I don't know if next year you'll be able to see this level of cosplay. If Salt City Steamfest returns, then possibly. Also, at the large Comic Cons, people do dress up and use their incredible talents to impress. The fashion show at Steamfest--very impressive.

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