Saturday, August 27, 2016

The House On The Hill...Is Again For Sale

There's a house on the hill, just up from ours. In 2003 the first owners moved in. Since then the building's sheltered three families, and soon, it'll shelter a fourth.

Before the land was prepared and a street put in, an orchard of fruit trees stood where the house is now. The trees were planted back in the early 1970s and they remained until the early twenty-first century. We used to pick the fruit, can it, and put it away in my mom's basement. I think a lot of the fruit we harvested decades earlier was thrown out when we sold my mother's house and the new owners moved in.

The house on the hill is a great house--a unique one to be sure. The entire upper floor is the master suite. And from the master bedroom you can look through that incredible wall of windows and see the valley below, Antelope Island, and what's left of the Great Salt Lake east of Antelope Island. The views are spectacular.

And now, another individual or family will call it home. They'll say to themselves as they approach, "Boy--that's a long driveway!" And it is. They'll wonder just how big a job it will be to shovel snow in the winter, and if they don't have a 4x4 vehicle, they'll consider getting one if they end up buying the home.

But any worries of the long driveway will disappear once they step inside. That is, of course, if this is the house for them. They'll learn that the lot is 1 1/4 acre big, and that because the land above their lot is National Forest land, no one will ever build above them. They'll be told that they have a private trail that allows them access to the rest of the mountain.

And they'll consider what life will be like living there, where they'll put their furniture, or will they buy all new stuff. If they have kids, they'll imagine them playing on the hill, or in the basement theater room . They may even envision having a twenty foot Christmas tree (if they observe the holiday...) rising skyward in the home's main room.

They'll see all these things.

And they'll buy it.

And we'll be neighbors.

And another chapter in the building's history will begin.

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