Friday, August 26, 2016

Public Displays Of...Art

Several years ago came the announcement that light rail train service would soon criss-cross the Salt Lake Valley. I don't know who ultimately gave the "thumbs up" on the decision, but approved and built it was.

And at each light rail stop someone (most likely the same people responsible for giving the project the green light, but maybe not...) said, or thought: There should be art at each stop and we should make that art different, as each stop is different.

And it became so.

The other day I took the Green light rail line so I could catch another train home. And as I had time to kill, I looked around a bit. And behold--there was art right in front of me, art I had not mostly likely seen, but did not ever before acknowledge.

The art at the 1900 West North Temple stop is called Spacial Perception, an example of Shawn O. Porter's artwork. Hopefully, you can read the write up that sits on a plaque adjacent to the artwork on the platform. 

Many people ride the train. I take public transportation almost everyday to and from work. Yet, last week I noticed this commissioned piece of art. I wonder how many people have noticed what Mr. Porter produced. I hope it's more than me.

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