Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Time To Revisit Those Acrylic Grapes...

This is the second time I've comeback to this same topic, but I think it's time to return to it again.

Acrylic Grapes.

They're as popular as they are mysterious. For a certain age group in our culture (basically, everyone but millennials...), when they see these grapes, it brings back a ton of memories--I know it does for me. And when I saw this cluster of acrylic grapes at the Deseret Industries in St. George in September of 2011, I should have bought the darn things.

Just the other day I got a comment from a post I wrote on the same acrylic grapes back in 2013. It's just amazing how popular they are.

So, for those who never saw either my 2011 (click: HERE) or 2013 (click: HERE) posts, here's what they look like and how to make them. Since there's so many DIY'ers out there, maybe my humble post can be the start of an acrylic grapes revolution.

You never know.

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