Monday, August 1, 2016

We Didn't Know We Needed It...Until We Saw It At Home Depot

We saw it at the hardware store and we had to look twice to realize just what it was. We had one of those experiences you sometimes have in a store when you see something and you imagine all the possibilities you can do after seeing something you didn't know existed.

So we bought it.

And Saturday I used it.

The Ryobi 6 Amp 8" Electric Pole Saw (that extends up to 9 ft...) lived up to those expectation--yea, dare I say, it exceeded them.

We live in a desert. Because of managed water use, we have brought the desert to live. Well, as much as possible under the circumstances. I mean, it's no western Washington State, but in pockets, it's pretty green. I can't imagine living in an area where things just grow and you need to spend many hours each week just keeping the vegetation at bay. Sure, we have weeds, but that's nothing compared to what other people deal with.

I took a before and after shot. You can see the difference a little 8" chainsaw can do. I couldn't quite reach some of the branches--maybe I'll get to them. Next, I'll be tackling the pine trees encroaching on our house. Amazing what power tools can do!

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