Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My New/Old iPod Mini...What A Blast!

Over the weekend we stopped by a yard sale--not to pick up stuff, but to drop off. We rounded up some items around the house and basically gave them away. At the sale we laid out our free stuff. Once we did that, I noticed another free pile next to ours, and in that pile there was an iPod.

An ancient iPod.

And I grabbed it!

You may wonder why I would want this particular piece of technology. It's a fair question. The previous owner didn't. I had no idea if the thing even worked. But for free, I wasn't risking anything. I brought it home and powered it up. It worked. Not only that, but it had over five-hundred songs still on it.

Okay, so some of the artists I would not have chosen to put on my iPod, but some I definitely would. I had listened to a song or two, but hadn't really put the thing through its paces. Until today, that is. At work I fully charged the pale blue beauty and plugged in the earbuds.

I had a blast!

When iPods first came out, I never got one--we couldn't afford it. Plus, there was always the radio and the old standby--the Walkman to use instead. So I never got to enjoy the iPods with their hundreds of songs and unparalleled portability. It was a lot of fun, using the wheel to control everything and enjoying music, plain and simple.

Of course, it has many downsides compared to its modern counterpart. There's no Bluetooth--you have to be physically attached to the iPod. It's 4 gigs, which I'm sure was huge in its day. And if you're only talking about music--no videos, none of the extra stuff--4 gigs is plenty. And the battery's pretty much gone. I drained it to almost empty listening for only a few hours.

When I watched those hypnotic iPod ads more than a decade ago, they made iPods fun--fun to have, fun to use, fun to own. Today I caught a glimpse of just how much fun iPods really are.

...or were.

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