Friday, May 12, 2017

...And Water Saves The Day!

We have a lawn, and like most everything, the lawn has problems. We're going to fix the problems, and by problems I mean weeds, so to our neighbors, it will look better, I promise.

But first, we have to resurrect the lawn.

We live in an area where we have a separate water line just for yards and gardens. It's wonderful, but when the water line to your property breaks and you go without the ability to water your lawn for four weeks, if it doesn't rain, things can get a bit dicey. Our grass is literally crunchy. Yesterday, the water guys fixed the line and we had water.

The other day, as I drove my daughter to the theater, I told her about how we watered our yards and gardens when I was her age. I don't know how much interest she had the topic, but back then we diverted water from a nearby canyon and it flowed through the neighborhood, each household having a specific time in which they could divert the water to their property. Gravity and water rights--it's worked for millennia.

Now, the water's on a timer. A program keeps track of when and where you want the water to go. Almost miraculous. Our yard's in tough shape, but we're hoping to, first, get it to start growing again, then we can take care of the weeds. First things first, we got the water and soon, we'll have the green.

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