Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Time To Pick Up "The Forgetting Moon" From Brian Lee Durfee...You Know You Want To!


One of the cool thing about social media is that, while you didn't know a book was on sale, one quick search on Facebook can change all that. Today I found out Brian Lee Durfee's The Forgetting Moon is on sale for $1.99 (Kindle edition...). 

So I bought it!

And I'm posting about this to spread the gospel according to Brian (I think there was a film with similar themes...).

I first met Brian at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX last March. I was fortunate enough to share a vendor booth with him and a half a dozen insanely talented authors. And Brian wrote a really big book. He puts the "Epic" in epic fantasy. Back in jr. high school, I credit those epic fantasy books with rekindling my love of reading.

If you too would like to purchase The Forgetting Moon, click: HERE. I'm excited to read a book I know nothing about, other than it's got a great cover and Brian's a cool guy. So join me on this journey! It'll be fun!

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