Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hiking With A Kid...And A Cat

My youngest and I were outside this afternoon and I spotted a small sign up on the mountain, not high up, but high enough I couldn't tell what the sign said. We decided to take a break and hike up to it to see what it said.

Turns out it had but a single work:


Due to some recent construction, the trailhead to Flag Rock has moved. Due to the signs, we all know now where to start.

On our little excursion, we had an additional family member join us--one of our cats. I know many a kid who has hiked the mountain with their trusty dog by their side. In all my years living on the hill, I've never seen a cat join anyone for a hike. My son asked if our cat would follow us when we started up. I told him he probably would because the cat's followed me before.

We've had incredible skies of late so I snapped a few pictures, and if cats could take selfies, he'd probably like how the above picture turned out.

It's not everyday we head up on the hill. I suppose we should go more. And if we do and our cat's on the prowl, there's a good chance we'll once again have another team member join us on our hike.

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