Monday, May 29, 2017

Friend's New Puppy...

You know how if you get a new car and you may think it's not the most popular model, but once you start driving your new car all of a sudden you see the same model you're driving all over the place?

Maybe that doesn't happen to you, but I noticed it when I got a new car.

The same thing happened to me the past couple of weeks, except this time, it wasn't cars, it was friends who lost a dog.

Last month I went to my friend's house and saw their ailing pet. They knew they were going to have to put her down soon--the cancer was too advanced. She had trouble walking, but she went from person to person, as if making sure everyone was okay and happy.

Since that day, I waited for the news. It came last week. But an interesting thing happened. Between last month and last week I noticed several Facebook friends post that they had to make the same decision. Their pet was so sick, keeping it alive was the less humane thing, so they too put down their animal. It got me thinking, maybe it happens more than I think and I just wasn't paying attention before.

Today we saw my friend's latest edition. It's a puppy, except an almost full-grown puppy. I'm not sure if my other friends have replaced their lost family member or not. I'll be watching to see if they post anything. This new dog, I'm sure it won't fully replace the one they lost, but when you look at that face, it's got to help.

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