Friday, May 26, 2017

Moments At A Dance Recital...

Parents do many things for their children. In some ways, everything parents do--one way or another--are for their kids. I work to not only feed myself, keep a roof over my own head, and make sure I'm properly clothed, but to feed, shelter, and clothe my kids as well. Without kids, there would be no need for parents, and without parents, there would be no kids.

Tonight I attended my daughter's final ballroom dance recital. I've been to several this year and I'm glad I could attend. I've videoed almost all her dances, some of then several times. But tonight, I wanted to capture moments, and especially the faces of those performing. I took more shots, but these were my favorites.

I hope you enjoy these scenes, these glimpses into the wonder that are children expressing themselves through dance. 

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