Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Then Frito-Lay Did This...

I came home and as soon as I walked in the house, I watched as my youngest went from the couch to the kitchen then back again. 

Then he did it again.

"Look," he said and he pointed to the kitchen counter. "We got healthy Doritos."

Now, I know what you're thinking--no such thing as healthy Doritos. And that may be true, but I was curious. Of course, my son could have said, "We got healthier Doritos."

Nah, some of you are still shaking your heads.

A few years ago we decided to only eat foods that contained no artificial colors, flavors, and/or preservatives. We're going on something like eleven years with this diet. At first it was tough, but just like anything, you get better with practice and time. We've been able to pretty much eat whatever we want.

Except for a few Doritos. 

Trader Joes makes a similar product, but they're all the way downtown, and...well, you know, so we haven't purchased many of those. When we go to Trader Joes, we do.

Because we've been eating this way for over a decade, whenever I see something like this, I wonder why. Why did Frito-Lay decide to do this? Are they trying to reach people like us? Possibly, but I wouldn't think there's that many of us out there. Maybe there are--I'm sure they've done the research. Maybe they're trying to give us the impression that they're getting healthier. Possibly. That's a big hill to climb, but every little bit helps. Maybe they created this new invention for another reason entirely.

To be honest, I really don't care. Because they're pretty darn delicious. So much so, I found myself following my youngest's example. Then I did it again.

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