Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Team Staff Meeting...

At work, I am part of a team. I'm not self-employed, nor am I unemployed. My job requires the processing of information to the benefit of others. At work we each have our own assigned work, however, my employer has chosen to employ a team structure to better process the work, to get the work done quicker, and do it with fewer mistakes.

I think it's how humans are built--no man is an island (no matter what Hugh Grant's character says...). We're just designed to get more done if we work together. Families are more successful when they have and work for a common goal, marriages definitely are. Ever since I began working for my employer almost twenty years ago, I've been on one team or another.

And in an attempt to build a stronger team, we meet occasionally (unlike marriages and families that meet quite often...). Today we traveled in cars, trucks, and Priuses, and gathered at Jen Johansen Park located on Eightieth East and First North in Logan, Utah (I remember that address because we spent several minutes trying to find it...) for a team meeting and lunch.

Both were successful.


Of course, we had the one before the other and I don't know if the team meeting would have been more successful had we the training part after lunch than before. Probably not because, even though most of us were starving as we discussed policy and procedure, trying to go through that after stuffing ourselves with salads, Dutch oven bacon and potatoes, and stacked hamburgers would have proven disastrous. We would have all most likely laid down on the grass or picnic tables and fallen asleep--the instructor included.

I am fortunate to be part of an excellent team, a team that works together to get the work done, a team dedicated to doing a great job. Having a blast at a team staff meeting where lunch is served is the dessert. 

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