Saturday, May 27, 2017

Immortal Works...Will Publish "Chaser," My First Novel

From my experience, there are a lot of reasons to write a poem, a short story, or even a letter. And there's as many reasons to write a novel as there are novelists. 

Last November I wrote a novel.

A few weeks ago I found out it's going to be published.

I'm not sure exactly when Chaser will be available, but I received more information on the process today. I'll be working with an editor until it's as good as it can be. Then a cover will be chosen and all the other details that go into releasing a book. Finally, that moment will come when a finished book will come, usually in a box, and I'll get to hold it in my hand, open the pages, even smell the paper and ink. I've been fortunate enough to have several short stories published, and the feeling I got holding those anthologies for the first time was magical. I also self-published a collection of short stories.

I'm imagining, when this novel comes out, the same thing will happen this time. 

Writing brings moments of extreme excitement and amazing disappointment. Having someone say they loved the story--the not-yet-polished story--is one of the former, as is receiving an e-mail from a publisher with a contract attached. 

Originally, I wrote my story to see if I could complete the NaNoWriMo challenge and to write a story my 12-year old would enjoy reading. I also had hopes of getting it published. Looks like, with this particular novel, there's more than one reason for writing it. 

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