Thursday, May 25, 2017

Capturing The Fire On The Mountain...

"Look at that!" my daughter said as we pulled into the parking lot of a local grocery store. Of course I saw it--it was spectacular. Above us the sky blazed in orange and red and the mountains caught the colors as they reflected off the sky. "It's beautiful," she said. And it was.

Because it was so amazing, I wondered if I could capture the scene in a picture. I pulled out my phone and tried.

Some would say I was successful. When I looked at the pictures when I got home, one shot came close, one was way off--that picture's the one below. I wish I could have found a more advantageous vantage point to take a picture, but with photography, as with life, you have to make due with what you're given.

I must say, when it comes to taking pictures of sunsets, I've been spoiled. Except in the winter when there's less sunlight, I'm usually at home when the sun sets in the west. Most nights I'll go to our back porch and see what we've been given. With sunsets, as with life, you make due with what you're given.

Point is, I usually havec a vantage point to get a good picture when the sunset is photo-worthy. When I saw the sky explode above us at the grocery store, I was where I was. And even though the finished product wasn't what I would have wanted, I'll always have the picture to remind me of the night my daughter and I saw the fire on the mountain. And, after all, isn't that what a picture is for anyway?

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