Friday, February 9, 2018

A Nice Conversation At The Track...

For the past couple of months, I've been going to an indoor track--not often, a day or two a week.

Okay, only one day a week.

But that's better than going zero times a week.

I'm taking it slow, jogging maybe a mile, walking half or a mile. I'm in no shape to tackle a half marathon or anything, but it's good to be active.

This morning after my mile run, I decided to walk a few laps. My walking pace doesn't break any records, but I noticed an older gentleman catching up to me so I slowed up. I thought I'd let him pass me (I doubt he passes a lot of people on the track...). 

But instead of passing me up, we started up a conversation. He told me his name--it's Mike, but I thought I heard Mark. I told him mine--it's Scott but he thought he heard James. We began talking about Farmington. Turns out we're both long-time residents of our little hometown. We both remembered when there was a gas station at the top of Shepard Lane (it's now a beauty salon...). He even knew the owner, a man named Nephi. I did not know Nephi.

We both remembered when there were only a couple of church congregations in town. Now there's several dozen. In Utah you can tell how big a community is by the number of church buildings and congregations there are.

We continued walking around the track at a leisurely pace. I learned that he not only lives near my in-laws, but he knows them, too. We walked for another lap--two laps more than I had originally planned--then I left. I did some warm-down stretches then went to my car. As I walked I realized that Mike's the first person I've actually spoken to at the track. In my defense, most of the people there when I go walking/jogging are younger women and older women--both groups would think me a bit icky if I were to suddenly begin striking up conversations. I mean, I don't want to get kicked out of the place.

Then I'd have nowhere else to run/walk...

Except, well...everywhere.

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