Sunday, February 18, 2018

So...Have You Posted A Picture Of How You Might Look?

If you're on social media--especially Facebook--you've most likely seen people posting pictures of themselves with a comparison picture along side it. I suppose it's "good clean fun." What famous character (real, or imagined...) that is preserved on canvas do I most look like?

That one showed up several months ago. 

Or, there's a new one that's gained popularity recently. What would you look like if you were member of the opposite sex? I have many friends who have tried that out. I must say, they look very convincing.

When the painting comparisons came out, I read a tweet that made me think a little. I can't remember who wrote the tweet, but basically, they posed a question. They asked whether or not it was strange that these programs of altered pictures popped up after the introduction fo the face-recognizing access feature of the new iPhone X.

I wondered, do these programs really have an alternative purpose? Can someone use this information that we voluntarily give to someday access an iPhone? Will this face-recognition software become industry standard?

It is a little silly. Millions, if not billions of people have uploaded pictures of themselves. Why not just hijack those pictures to access present and future phones? Still, the timing makes me think it might not be just a harmless fun little exercise it's supposed to be. As with most things, time will tell.

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