Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Evolution Of The...Valentine's Day Box

It's been decades since I sat in a public school attending classes. For most parents, they can re-live their childhood memories through their kids. Children usually follow in their parent's footsteps--some even attending the same school they attended. That could have happened to us, but we made a different choice. That's what happens when you homeschool your kids.

Browsing on Facebook and Instagram yesterday I came across a couple of photographs, and to be honest, they surprised me. Seems when you're not connected to schools, activities can be, well...surprising. Case in point, the traditional Valentine's Day Box.

I downloaded the two pictures I saw (without permission...) and I'm showing them here. They are not only spectacular, but they're amazing works of art. When I think about it, it makes sense. Both of these kids' fathers--my friends--are incredible artists in their own right. They have different styles, but both are creative.

Since it's been so long since I last decorated a Valentine's Day Box, I can't remember what I did. How creative was it? Did it take a long time to build? Back then, we had no internet. Sure, I suppose someone could have taken a picture of my little boxes, but I'll bet they weren't that photo-worthy. Not like these obviously are.

Some might see these boxes and think they're too "over-the-top." Not me--I think they're amazing. I applaud them. The only downside is perhaps a Valentine's Day Box creativity escalation that can only end in tears. But until then, I say go big!

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