Sunday, February 4, 2018

Just Me, The Clouds, And The Sun...

Tonight, as the country (mostly...) stayed inside watching a game, I split time going in and out cooking dinner. And because of that, I watched as the sun fell from the sky, between the clouds and below the horizon.

It was beautiful.

I'm not knocking everyone who stayed inside. Heck, I've stayed inside and missed more sunsets than I can count. I try and take pictures of the good ones, but I admit--other things come up. We live in such a hurry-up world, everything vies for our time.

Tomorrow, everything--the game, the sunset, our dinner--will all be in the past. Some will remember this particular game for the rest of their lives (for better or for worse...). If past is prologue, this game will most likely blend into other Superbowl games contained in my memory and get fuzzy. And because I see amazing sunsets so often, I'm sure this one will blend into many others, too. But, for some fleeting moments as chicken and hamburger evenly cooked on a grill in our front yard, I saw beauty on the biggest canvas I know. I watched as it grew in intensity until it disappeared forever into the night.

And I was glad I saw it.

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