Friday, March 1, 2013

A Full Day, Week, Month...

Today was the culmination of many events going on in my life. It's appropriate that it's the first day of a new month because February 2013 was one for the ages! There were also several things that happened today that could justify their own blog entry. I usually put blog ideas aside to use them when I've run out of things to write about...or, should I say, I have a tougher time finding that spark of inspiration.

But today, I didn't have to look far for blog ideas.

My day began at the dentist--no cavities but I should probably use my Waterpik more. Also, the appointment was a little tough because something is in the air and the hay fever season has officially begun.

Next came my son successfully passing his driver's test. After a call to the insurance company, he can now legally drive on our roads.

I came home and began working on my short story. An e-mail from my editor reminded me just how close the deadline is. Except for the much-needed nap I took in the afternoon, I worked on the story all afternoon. And I found an ending that I think will work (darn endings...).

If all that wasn't enough, tonight was the opening night for the play we've been rehearsing for the past two months. Before the show we rehearsed the scene where the brothers plead to Joseph, now Pharaoh's Number 2, to save the life of Benjamin. One person asked me if I was okay, or if the tears coming from my eyes was due to me being so much in character. Allergies I told him, though I was happy with the compliment. 

The show went very well. We preformed in front of friends and family. Even though their tickets were free the people in the audience paid the most to see us perform.

In February I began a new job, received news that a short story I wrote will be published, learned the show with my cast to the point where we are good to go for a paying audience, participated in my friend's charity ski event, and survived the first day of hay fever season. February was great, but I'm glad it's over. Oh, and the sunset was nice, too...

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