Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 23rd--What A Day...

March 23rd...You know how there are some days when everything seems to converge at once? Today was one of those days for us. Luckily, we survived.


Mother Nature decided to make the day just a little bit more interesting. We knew we had limited time to complete my son's Eagle Project. Saturday, the 23rd would be perfect. The scouts were already having a food drive. We just made the morning a food/book drive. It took an hour to collected around 600 books.

While the family went through the books, I was called away to help us clear trees and twigs from around the neighborhood. Because, seriously, what can possibly go wrong when a bunch of guys get together armed with chainsaws and enthusiasm? I'm happy to say no one was injured.

Since we planned on helping out the neighborhood on the 23rd, we had other neighbors prepare a lunch for the volunteers and their families at noon. We gathered our family and enjoyed some good food.


An hour after lunch began, my daughter and I needed to be at the theater to do a matinee. All went well with the show. Unfortunately, one of the cast member's cars suffered not a "fender bender," but a "fender removal." We all felt bad.


Since our city will be picking up the trimmings beginning Monday (and the ALWAYS begin cleaning up on our street...), my wife and I borrowed my in-law's chainsaw and went to town on the dogwoods. Goodbye dogwoods. Our twig pile has grown.


It has been one of those days. I'm glad not every Saturday is like today.

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