Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our Son And Cooking...

Last night my son made us œbleskivers for dinner. I've written about them before (back in April, 2012, the link can be found: HERE).

Over the past couple of years of blogging, I've written and posted pictures several times of my son in the kitchen. I've written about the food he's made and taken pictures of said food. It's something he's really good at doing. Also, he's a wonderful example to his siblings (and sometimes, his parents...) of how the right frame of mind can lead to success when it comes to cooking.

He really takes after his mother. She's a fabulous cook and she's become one from years of practice, trial and error. My son's made a few mistakes in his day, but now, mistakes are few and far between. The point is (if there is a point to be found here...) had my son given up after those early food failures, he wouldn't be the cook he is today.

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