Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wonderful Wonderful Œbleskiver!

Wonderful, Wonderful Œbleskiver!

Tonight the kids made œbleskiver. You may not have eaten these little pancake balls before, but you've probably seen the pans from which they're made. If you haven't had them, that's too bad because they are LŒKKERT! (delicious...).

English translation: Danish "Œbleskiver (apple slices) Pan"

I remember seeing the big cast iron pans before I ever went to Denmark where I saw them in action. My wife and kids have perfected the recipe for the batter. It's a little complicated and involved mixing the various ingredients in several bowls, plus there's some whipping involved. Too much math for me. If you're interested in the recipe, just let me know. I'll send it your way.

But you add all the stuff together, then pour the batter into the small egg-shaped indents in the pan. They cook on one side, then you poke them (we use shish-ka-bob skewers...) and flip them over. When done correctly, you get a baked little batter ball and boy--they are good!

The sweet condiment of choice for my kids is powered sugar. Me, I like jam. There's just something about the sugared fruit that reminds me so much of Denmark. I crack open the little batter balls and spoon in jam (pretty much any type of jam will do...) and pop them in my mouth.

The heavy pan in the upper left corner was actually packed in my baggage when I returned from the country 25 years ago. Yeah, it was heavy and increased the cost of my baggage on the trip home, but it was definitely worth it! Wonderful, wonderful œbleskiver. Yes, they are!

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  1. Æbleskiver are indeed delicious. Despite being a Danish treat, I was able to enjoy them when I served in Norway. My son has just been called to Denmark, so I imagine he will get some real Danish æbleskiver before the year is out.