Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shake, Rattle & Roll (Without The Rattle)...

Can anyone ever be prepared for an earthquake?

Today I participated (because I was at work...) in Utah's Great Shakeout. Basically, it was a statewide exercise to see how prepared we are as a state. Now that it's over, I'm sure those in charge will have oodles and oodles of data (or what I call, job security...) to go over to see just how prepared we are.


The alarm at my office went off at 10:15am. They had already shut down the phones so that wasn't going to be a problem. We were instructed to get under our desks in our cubicles. I first stood under a door frame, but there was glass above the door so I couldn't stay there.

After a few minutes, we climbed out from under our desks and headed outside. We gathered at predetermined spots and made cellphone calls--two calls to see if we could overload the cellphone system. Everyone I saw was happily talking into their phones. Maybe if they had each of us only call people with cellphones, it may have been more effective.

We went back inside, fired up the computers and resumed taking calls. Was it successful? I don't know, but I hope if and/or when the big one hits and I'm at work, I will have the presence of mind to take out my camera and snap a few pictures...

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