Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cloudy Skies; Cloudy Days...

I read a friend's blog today and her words transported me back in time--about 20 years back in time... Her name is Angela. Her blog is titled: Just As I Am (great title...) and here's the link to her blog post: The One Where Nothing Is Wrong.

Angela is 25-years old (this information is in her blog so I'm not giving away any secrets...) and she writes about her life and her passions and her experiences. I first met Angela in 2009 when I was lucky enough to share the stage with her as we did a show together. In short, the girl is wicked talented--simply amazing!

I learned a little about how this exceptional performer came to Utah when we did the show. She's got a great story. When I read her blog today my heart ached because I know, that not only is she a quality person, but also what she's feeling (not exactly what she's feeling, but close...). I was unmarried and 25 and living in Utah and it was impossible to see what lie in store for me. It's so hard to see beyond the clouds and the rain and the gloom, but the sun's out there behind it all. It always is.

Of course, it's hard to make someone feel better. Only they can do that, and I'm confident she will. She said herself that it was just one of those times when she was feeling the way she was feeling. Tonight the clouds darken our world and bring the rain all life needs to survive. Eventually the warmth of day will kiss our cheeks and fill our hearts and we'll once again feel joy. Angela...hang in there, because I for one, know you're worth it. Take care.

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