Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poor Little Guy...

I was leaving work this afternoon/almost evening and this is what I saw. Most of the employees in the building had already left, and I came upon this little guy just lying on the landing on the stairs. The wasp had to have died later in the afternoon, or at least after the cleaning crew was done for the day (they are very thorough and had they seen the dead wasp, they would have cleaned it up--for sure...).

I felt bad for the little fella. Of course, if I were driving down the freeway and this little fella were not only not dead but buzzing around inside my car as I flew down the road at 70 m.p.h. I might wish it were in the condition I saw it in as I left today. I might have even freaked out a little had I been descending the stairs and he flew by my ear. But he didn't because he could no longer fly.

Like most people, I imaging I have a love/hate relationship with bugs--especially bugs that can bite and sting. As long as they're outside, I leave them alone (something I'm trying to instill in my kids who step on spiders whether or not they're inside the house--inside: step on them, outside: that's their home so we should let them be).

The cleaning crew arrives before I do in the morning so I'm pretty sure the dead wasp will no longer be on the stair landing when I arrive tomorrow. Still, I only wish he could have found his way outside and were bragging to his friends tonight how he flew in the big brown building and saw what was inside.

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