Saturday, April 21, 2012

WAL*Mart & Tattoos...

We shop at Wal*Mart. It's true. I know there are entire websites dedicated to the people who shop at Wal*Mart. I try to not frequent those sites. I don't think it's fair. Of course, I have my own observations when I go shopping at Wal*Mart. I had one today.

Today while I walked around at Wal*Mart, I felt like I was the only guy in the store without a tattoo, even though I know I'm not. Many people have tattoos. I'm not judging. Like I said, It's just an observation I had--most likely helped due to the spring and summer temperatures. As they rise, more skin is visible. Tattoos have become a part of our society. I guess there was a time when only military guys or bikers had tattoos. Those days are gone. 

I have friends who have tattoos and many say that once they get a tattoo, they can't wait to get another one. Just looking at some peoples arms, legs (necks and faces...) it adds validity to this opinion--can't stop at one tattoo.

So far, I'm ink-free and I'll most likely stay that way. It's too bad, because I have so much advertising space on my's a shame not to use it, but I guess that's just how things so sometimes. And so when I'm back shopping next week, or when I go shopping again at Wal*Mart, I'll probably be thinking the same thing...

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