Monday, April 30, 2012

My New Toy...The Silver Ghost

Back in September 2007 I bought a laptop, the very one I'm using to write this post. I bought it after one semester of graduate school and I've used it literally everyday since. Like all of us the computer has, as it's aged, has gotten slower, fuller (as in used memory...) and dinged up. However, it's still kicking.

Today, thanks to a project I helped with last year and this year, I had the means to walk confidently into a store and I buy my laptop's replacement. And it's beautiful!


My neighbor, if he's reading this, is shaking his head. You see, he's not a fan of the products dreamt from the brilliant mind of Steve Jobs. I understand how he feels. There are brands I would not purchase, even if I had the means. And Mac owners are notoriously famous for being snobs. I accept this criticism and title without shame or regret because it's the price I'll gladly pay.

My old trusty white computer helped create some amazing projects, many of which I am proud to call mine. Let's see what the silver ghost comes up with, shall we?

1 comment:

  1. I can hear the choir of angels.
    YEA! So happy for you. What a fun toy!