Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hanging Out With Filmwriters...

The Utah Film Writers Facebook Group has 242 members of which I am one. Several weeks ago I attended a writer's conference in Utah County and one of the classes I attended dealt with screenwriting. It was in that class I met Blake Casselman and after the class he said the Utah Film Writers Facebook Group meets twice a month in SLC. Tonight was the first time I attended one of these meetings.

Tonight we met in a coffee shop on State Street. I usually don't frequent such establishments. I used to drop by a Starbucks now and then when I worked downtown. I enjoyed a hot chocolate a time or two--it's good stuff. As a consumer of such convenience shops, I'm not a big spender. Let's put it this way--the economy won't recover any time soon if everyone's counting on me to spend, spend, spend.

A couple of thoughts concerning our script discussion... I did not read the 8-page screenplay we discussed. Too bad--it sounded like a pretty wild read. I think by the end of the discussion I had an idea of what was in the script, or at least had a general idea. I must say, there were a LOT of things to talk about for such a short script.

I didn't say much tonight--having not read the script can hinder a person in such a situation. Hopefully next time I'll be more prepared. I did have fun, though. It's amazing what several minds thinking creatively can come up with...

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