Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Boss, the BYU Fan...


There are two things wrong with the above picture of my boss smiling over the U of U football (actually, there are probably more things wrong, but I'm focusing on only two...). 

The first is that the person in the picture does not look like this. In fact, you have to look long and hard at the picture to even see a slight resemblance of the man who is my boss. 


I know the picture's not good, but the man in the dark jacket in front of the restaurant is the same one smiling as his head hovers over the small U of U football. If you're interested in finding out how he can look so different, let me know. I'll let you in on the secret. So, that's the first problem wrong with the picture.

This brings us to the next error in the original picture and that is the fact that my boss is NOT, in no way, a University of Utah fan--quite the opposite. He's a true-blue BYU guy. His father worked for the university. He grew up watching games at either the LaVell Edward's Stadium or the Marriott Center. He and I have a good time ribbing each other after the teams play and depending on who wins, that dictates on who needs to be contrite to the other.

But, whether or not he's a Y fan doesn't really matter. He is a great boss and an even better person and friend. I've described others that way, because it's true. It holds true for my BYU-loving boss as well.

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