Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The 1980 VW Rabbit Convertible...A Great Car!


One Of My Favorite Cars

Back in my single days, I bought VWs. It was the only brand of car I would buy and this continued until I got married and I needed to rely more on my transportation than I did as a single man. Of course, VWs can be very reliable, but not the cars I bought...they were inexpensive, or cheap may be a better word...

Tonight I rode in a convertible again, my friend Todd's Sebring. It's been a long time since I've ridden in a convertible, and to be honest, I've missed it. What you see in the above picture is the car I owned many years ago. I bought a 1980 VW Rabbit Convertible, silver with red pinstripes. It was a Wolfsburg edition, made in Germany and it was the first year they ever made the car. I bought it from a co-ed from California who was going to the U and I loved that car. 

Now, I did, in no way, resemble any of the guys you see pictured with the car. I rarely (if ever...) played tennis while I owned the car. Any gal who happened to be with me while I drove the car did not look like the girls in the picture and I'm pretty sure any girl that ever rode with me never had a tennis racket with her nor did I ever take the car to a tennis court or pose by said court.

I used to say that I needed the convertible to get the full cranial tan, and, I believe during the summers that I owned the car, I got a nice tan on the top of my head. And so, if you can't read the copy from the ad, I'm going to include a portion of what they wrote about their wonderful car. VW knows what they're talking about:

Car makers don't generally tell people how much they like their own cars. 
But this one's an exception.
The Volkswagen Rabbit Convertible.
We made it just for the love of it.

Amen, Volkswagen...Amen!

VW Ad Photo used without permission from the following website: 

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  1. I often miss my little convertable. Mine was a Honda, but I feel the same way about it as you do the Rabbit. Oh how I miss it!