Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ever Heard Of An Aelurus? - Greek for cat


A few weeks ago I received a post card. It was from Weber State University and it wasn't a alumni "request for money" notice. It was an invitation to attend a reception and reading of the inaugural edition of Œlurus, which is Greek for cat, in honor of Weber's mascot the wildcat.


The project was the brainchild of Ryan Evans, Founding Editor/Editor -in-Chief and soon to be receiving a Weber State Masters of English diploma. Ryan was the event's M.C. and he did not hide his excitement to graduate. I don't blame him--it's such a great feeling.

What Ryan and the other graduate English students and faculty advisers did was create an in-house publication of excellent writing as those of us in attendance can attest. We heard several excerpts read by the authors.

I wasn't sure what to expect tonight. I didn't think I would know too many people. It's been a few years since I graduated. I did have the opportunity to spend time with an educator I feel has been an academic mentor to me, Dr. Merlin Cheney, who is retiring after 50 years of teaching.

I was unaware that graduate students can submit works for consideration. I'm thinking next year they just might get something from me. Well done Weber State grad students! You did good!

For more information about the Œlurus Project, Click: ŒLURUS

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