Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Gift From Solvang...

Years ago several 19-year old boys, and an elderly couple boarded a plane bound for Europe. The first stop was Seattle. We then flew to Stockholm, then Malmø, then finally København (Copenhagen). The trip took longer than planned due to a worker's strike in Denmark's capital (darn socialist workers...) but it was an adventure. I was part of that traveling party.

When those eager and nervous people first stepped foot on Danish soil, the one thing everyone wanted to do was eat some of that famous Danish pastry (I Capitalize Danish because to me the word is not synonymous with pastry). I can't remember when we first tasted the world-famous treats, but I remember I loved it and enjoyed eating often. I believe most people remember the food they ate when they visit foreign countries. I can't think of a better memory than Danish pastry.

Fast forward almost 27 years. A fellow passenger on that plane (or planes...) came to my door baring a gift. This particular person is one of the best people I know and his act of stopping at a bakery in Solvang, California (pretty much the closest thing Americans can get to real Danish pastry...) is consistent with the kind of person he is. He's been such a help to our family over the years and his latest act is, for him, just a normal thing. How great is that? Thanks Jeff--it means a lot!

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