Saturday, April 7, 2012

2K2 Project...So Far

The first week of my experiment is over. 
A few thoughts... 

It's been one week (one writing week...) of my 2K2 Project. Basically, the project consists of me writing 2000 words each day and walking 2000 meters each day. This past week I did both each night, except for Wednesday night when I had a choir rehearsal. I knew when I began this project that Wednesdays would be a problem. The rehearsal lasts 2 hours and it takes another 1/2 hour in traveling to and from rehearsal. So, when I decided to do this schedule, I exempted Wednesdays from the equation. 

Which means, I had five days (Wednesdays and Sundays are out) to accomplish my goal. I'm happy to say that tonight I've written over 10,000 words since last Saturday night and I've walked a 10 K. I know I need to walk more and I will hopefully be able to do that now that the weather is improving (and by improving, I mean improving for walking, not necessarily because I like rising temperatures...). 

But what I'm most excited about is the writing. My current W.I.P. had just over 25,000 words written on it a week ago and now it's standing at 35,000. I know with certainty that I would not have even gotten close to that number had I not instigated my experiment. There were times when I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, but I stayed up until 1am to finish the 2K goal. And there were times when I had no idea what to write about next, but I had to keep going. Monday starts another week of writing and walking. We'll see if I can keep going. If so, in one week I'll be over 45,000 words. I like the sound of that!

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