Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Conference Tradition...LEGO!

Twice a year the family gathers around the TV to watch church...TV Church as some of my kids call it. Yesterday and today was one of those times. Many of my friends have Twitted and Facebooked (and even Google +'d...) some of the traditions their families observe during General Conference. It got me wondering, what type of traditions do we have? I know of one and it can be summed up in one word:


In an attempt to have our kids listen to at least a couple of conference sessions, we came up with an idea...put down a blanket, dump out all the Legos the kids have on the blanket, and let them build to their hearts content while listening. This year our new cat joined in on the fun.

We normally don't do this on Saturdays...there's too much to do with chores and other things. We implement Operation Lego on Sundays. The system works, at least for the first session. But as the second session gets underway, the kids patience wears a little thin. I mean, there always seems to be a certain Lego piece that more than one child wants, and even though conference is heard in the background, the speaker's words sometimes don't seem to be having the desired effect.

Conference is over and the Legos will go back to the playroom. In six months we'll find a blanket, dump the Legos and let the kids go to town. And even though we'll probably add to our Lego collection, I'm sure during the second session of conference on Sunday, there will still be a certain Lego piece (or two...) both kids will want and only one can have. I wonder if any of the conference speakers will talk about that?

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