Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jeff & Jenica...

I arrived late to my friend's reception tonight, but I'm glad I stopped by. Today my friend Jeff married his best friend Jenica. I've only known Jeff for a few years, but it feels longer, and not in a bad way. It's like I've known him since high school.

Jeff and I worked together until he escaped ;) and found a new job. Unfortunately, I have not been able to talk to him as much as we once did. I guess switching jobs, getting engaged and planning a wedding can take a lot of someone's time...

Before I left, I watched the couple dance together to a Michael Buble' song. They looked beautiful together. I am so happy for my friend. Congratulations to the newly married couple! May your lives together be as one as you face this wonderful adventure called life. Take care, my friend.

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