Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last Night's Sunset...


When a good sunset comes around, I go out to the back porch and snap away. I always take too many pictures and I download them all onto my computer. No wonder I never have any hard drive space left. 

 Of all the subjects I've written about on my blog, sunsets are by far the most--I think my kids take a back seat to sunset photographs and commentary. It's easy to write about sunsets. Each one is like a snowflake, they're never the same. I know I've included this before, but one of the biggest reasons I like living where I do (living where I grew up...) is the views we get in the western sky as the sun descends over a lake and behind an island. 

I took 12 pictures of last night's sunset. Tonight's showed promise, but didn't quite develop like it's sibling did the night before. Just like blog posts, some are better than others... ;)

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