Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today The "S" Is For Shakespeare, Not Spring...

So what do a bunch of 12-14 kids do for fun on a beautiful spring day? Why rehearse Shakespeare, of course. We have three kids in this season's NSSA Shakespeare production of "Romeo & Juliet" and they are rehearsing three times a week. The run will be in May.


I've written before about how blown away I am with these kids ability to memorize and perform Shakespeare. This year's offering is a little different. Since we've been involved in the Shakespeare plays (all of them that NSSA has done...) at no time have they attempted a Shakespeare tragedy. They've always done comedies in the past.

So the group, performers and directors, parents and siblings are setting out on another grand experiment. And if past is prologue, it's going to be another fantastic show!

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