Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Color Red...

I love the color red. When my youngest asks me what my favorite color is, I always say, "Red." He doesn't really ask any more--he knows the answer. Red--it's one of the three primary colors. It's one of the three colors of the American flag. Red is awesome!

Flag of Denmark.svg*

I don't know if I had a favorite color before I moved to Denmark at age 19. The Danish flag has two colors, red and white, a red field with a white cross on it. If you've ever traveled to Denmark you know they're proud of their flag--red and white are everywhere! There's a legend that God sent a white cross down from Heaven and it fell on a blood-stained sheet when the Danes were fighting somebody (being Vikings, they were always fighting somebody...). I know my history is very lacking as far as facts are concerned, and I apologize to any Danes, or anyone else familiar with Danish history... I remember seeing a painting in Denmark once where the flag is descending from Heaven and it looked like that.

University of Utah Logo

So when I returned from Europe, I decided to attend college at the University of Utah. The U of U colors are crimson and white, but for me, it's red and white...colors I like together. Many of my friends and neighbors (and, yes, even family members...) like other colors, like green and yellow and blue. To quote Ralphie Parker (taking some liberties, of course...), "I don't think blue is a very good color."

Red, the color of passion, the color of life. Red emotes power and justice (to me, at least...). You can gather together all the colors of the spectrum you want and I'll take Red every time...

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