Thursday, March 21, 2013

Want To Donate Books? We're Collecting!

This weekend we're collecting books for a book drive. My son is collecting books for his Boy Scout Eagle Project. He's going to donate the books to the county jail. Our neighbor volunteers as a spiritual adviser to the inmates on Sundays. He told us that the jail's library was lacking. My son wanted to do a book drive for his Eagle project. We're doing the drive Saturday.

I'm proud of him. I know many scouts do great projects to earn their Eagle Awards. They build things. They clean up things. They donate their time and talents to worthy endeavors. My son had a chance to do many things, but he kept coming back to book drives. It's what he wanted to do. Considering the potential one book can have on a person, the possibilities of the drive could be endless. Books can literally change a person's life.

When trying to find a place to donate the books, I talked to my neighbor who volunteers at the jail I told him my son would like to donate good books, preferably classics. He thought that would be a great idea. I said, "Of course, we may not want to donate any copies of The Count of Monte Cristo." Sometimes I crack myself up...

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