Friday, March 22, 2013

Never Seen Arrested Development? The Horror...

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I met a friend yesterday for lunch. We got to talking about this and that. As with most conversations, we began discussing funny shows.

Something he said reminded me of a show, a show that lives as legend for a chosen few, a show unappreciated in its time, a show experiencing a resurrection...

"So," I asked, anxious to see whether or not he has experienced the comedic nirvana for himself. "Have you ever seen Arrested Development?" For if he had, oh, the quotes we could banter back and forth like an epic game of humorous verbal tennis.


I was stunned. "But, you have Netflix...?" I thought quickly. My friend had to be saved.

"No, I don't have Netflix or cable." I hung my's all I could do.

I took a deep breath. "Listen, I don't know how you'll do it, but you've got to get a copy of Arrested Development and watch it. Believe me, you'll love it. It's the best comedy writing I've ever seen." Whether or not he heeds my recommendation, I cannot say. I can only hope.

We parted, still friends, but as I ascended the stairs to return to my work station, the full weight of the new knowledge I received hit me like a bomb. No Arrested Development...ever. Each step upward reminded me of the crime against humor, the pure joy my friend had not experienced. As I sat at my desk, I cried.

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