Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Aroma Of Cookies...

I've raved in the past about my oldest son and his baking/cooking skills. I probably haven't said as much as I should about his younger brother. He's been bit by the baking bug. Today he made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

There's something amazing about walking into a room where cookies are baking. The sensation is similar to the smell of fresh bread baking, but not as much (at least, for me...). The smell of baked cookies reminds me of the many times my mom made chocolate chip cookies for us kids. One of my brother's best friends still talks about eating cookies in the kitchen of our old house.


My son will make lots of things...he's helped make dinner several times, but he's gravitating toward desserts, something my wife and I are not dissuading him from doing. I mean, come on! Who's going to hinder a son from making delicious cookies and brownies? Not us, would be our answer.

And so the cookies are silently resting on the kitchen counter waiting for their turn to be devoured. They won't have to wait long...

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