Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring...Not Pretty, Yet

Everyone I know loves spring. There's probably people I know who like it or mildly tolerate it, but if there is, I'm unaware of this. The first sign of spring is the temperature. Where I live, if the sun's out and it's in the 50's, it's spring and people go a little nuts. T-shirts, shorts, sandals...they're all busted out from the back of closets and worn with a sense of pride. Spring is here, or it's coming soon.


I used to think where I lived was a pretty green state (speaking arboreal, of course...). That was before I visited Washington State. After that, I don't know why I ever thought we lived in a green state. It's more like a brown state. In the fall things die and stay dead until spring. It can be very beautiful in winter after a big snow storm. Things can get ugly fast once the snow starts to linger for several weeks and the white snow turns to brown or black.

Looking out the office window today, it's not too pretty. There are buds on the trees with the promise of leaves. That will take a couple of weeks. Then it will get pretty quick. I'll try to take more pictures then...

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