Monday, March 11, 2013

For A Specific Purpose...

We received a gift months ago, a very nice glass pan that we have used many times since it was given. On the surface it looks like any ordinary cooking pan, but there's something about this dish, something specific.

In our neighborhood (and culture...) we like to gather together and eat. I mean, who doesn't? I know many communities that do such things, but in our culture, it's organized. It's so common that when you attend and bring a dish you've made (be it from an assignment to bring food or pot luck...), when the event is over, you may not recognize the container you brought from the one brought by your neighbor. I'm sure many of us have returned home with something we didn't bring and someone else took home ours.

The gift was given for this specific purpose. Now when we are asked to participate in such a gathering, we'll be ready. Unless, of course, there's another Taylor family eating with us...

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