Friday, November 22, 2013

Ever Been To Man Camp?

"Hey son, you wanna go to a Man Camp?"

He looked less than enthused. "Come on! It'll be fun!"

Did I know it would be fun? I hoped. If I hadn't struck up a casual conversation with a co-worker yesterday I would never have even known about Man Camp. I know you find that hard to believe--me not knowing about an event in my own hometown, but it's true. My friend was participating in the barbecue contest. 

And the best part of the event--guys get in free on Friday, which happens to be today.

So, after some coaxing, I gathered up all the men in the house (my other boys were at a writing class...) and we drove to our first ever Man Camp.

The highlight of our visit? Taking tours in the pre-owned RVs that were for sale. My son loved them--and truth be told, so did I. If I had an extra 50K, we could travel in style. Maybe later.

While everyone in the world--it seems--were busy dwelling on events that happened five decades ago, my son and I had a fun time wondering what if... Bounce houses, multiple radio station booths, and several food trucks all to entice men together in one location. I'd call it a Man Camp!

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